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I am a qualified counsellor and supervisor with over 15 years experience. I tailor an appropriate programme of therapy to suit each individual client.

How counselling works

The aim of counselling is to provide opportunities for those seeking help to find their own ways towards living in more fulfilling and resourceful ways.

Counselling helps you to discover the reasons for uncomfortable feelings and to work out ways of dealing with them. These include distress associated with what are sometimes called problems in living, and deeply felt needs to make changes in your life. Therapy enables you to express difficult feelings such as guilt, fear, rejection, and sorrow in a safe, supportive environment. The relationship between a therapist and a client is confidential, and is based on respect and trust.

A therapist is trained to listen carefully and to support and assist you while you:

- Identify, explore and clarify your problems (often it is only when you talk to someone unconnected with your life that you begin to hear what you are really saying and feeling).

- To increase your self-awareness and to understand the underlying reasons why you feel troubled.

- Find your own solutions to improve or resolve your situation enabling you to transform your feelings.